Music. It's my life because it is the language of life. I had the most incredible experience last night at the Epicure Café in the DC suburb of Fairfax VA. There were several fantastic musicians in the lineup over the course of the Songwriters Association of Washington sponsored showcase, and a very special guest. Karim Wasfi is a virtuoso cellist, but also happens to be the Principal Conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra. Our mutual friend Ron Goad coaxed him into coming and sitting in with various artists - including yours truly.

Karim joined me for "Bad News" during my feature set, with no primer or knowledge of the jazzy blues upon which we embarked. It was like floating magically in the air, trading notes and nuances from our very different worlds. At the end of the evening he did an amazing improvisation with pianist and songwriter Joshua Rich. It was an incredible musician to musician evening. Amazing soulful dude. I knew he's seen a lot of stuff I can't imagine. Try to imagine this part of his life in Iraq, as described in a National Public Radio story last year.

My life is indeed rich this morning. I wish I had words to describe last night for you. Call it a bucket list item if you will. Thanks to dear Reneé Ruggles, I at least have a couple of photos to share:



(Last night's set for those keeping score at home - "Western Skies", "Company Town", "Bad News", "Catalooch"->"Wishing", "Anniversary (2000 Years Ago Today)" and "These Shoes".)

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